Monday, July 23, 2012


Well, here it is: My first ever blog post.

I must admit that despite my technical interest in modern technology there are some forms of communication that I have evaded so far. One of these things are blogs.

For a long time I failed to see the point in blogs. I mean who besides me have the slightest interest in the topics I care about.
However I have often found interesting blog posts while searching for a special topic. And compared to most other forms posting on the internet, a blog allows one to actually go deeper into a topic.

I don't mind lurking on Facebook or Twitter to follow others but I do feel that the they do not contribute anything noteworthy to society. Both are optimised for people that does not really want to get deep into anything particular, although then analysing trends that might be a good thing.

I hope to write some posts about my observations of different developments in technology and some of the choices I sometimes take.

Maybe some of them will actually be interesting or maybe it will be me blabbering about my dislike of iTunes, the cloud, the smart phones or type less programming languages that might all be good but also have some serious flaws or limitations.

This might end up like a developer blog about my work on OpenArena, Block Attack or other projects. It would be fine for me.

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